When a cord reel is the signal, power or data lifeline while working outside, it’s important to know the difference between a waterproof and submersible cord reel solution.

Some “waterproof” cord reel solutions are simply designed to fail-safe, not to keep operating while wet. While there are other retractable cord reel manufacturers who have “waterproof” solutions, Konnectronix offers fully submersible solutions, which allow for continuous operation so long as the terminating ends are protected, thereby creating a much more robust product.


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Proactively Addressing the Aging Workforce with Ergonomics & Safety Measures

As noted by the IndustryWeek Article, “What to do About the Aging Workforce?”, almost 25% of the manufacturing sector's workforce is 55 years old or older.


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Pivoting in a Pandemic: Have a Flexible Production Setup

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot; some businesses have had to quickly re-tool production lines to deliver on the demand for goods needed by first responders while others are looking to make adjustments during reopening.


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Avoiding OSHA Fines and Keeping Employees Safe by Preventing Falls

Retractable cord management for power can be an important and effective workplace safety choice for those wanting to keep their employees safe and avoid hefty OSHA fines, as outlined in this Construction Dive article.


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State-of-the-art tech for detecting and minimizing the spread of Coronavirus is exciting, but simple solutions are also smart.

At KonnectronixTM, we’re also working with customers to create solutions with our patented cord reel technology to reduce human-to-human contact.


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The Real Cost of Downtime... and How to Avoid It

When equipment fails, it has a real cost involved that can include lost productivity, impact on safety and other operations, as well as monetary outlay for the repairs needed.


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Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of injury claims every year. Some ways to prevent them.

In an article in Reliable Plant Magazine, we’re reminded that around 25% of reported injury claims each fiscal year are from slips, trips and falls, resulting in more than 95 million lost work days per year.


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