At KonnectronixTM, we’re also working with customers to create solutions with our patented cord reel technology to reduce human-to-human contact. Do you want to implement new ways of encouraging social distancing guidelines or reduce contact among people in your facility?

Thermal screening and state-of-the-art UVC

disinfection tech for detecting and minimizing the spread of Coronavirus is exciting, but simple solutions are also smart.


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The Real Cost of Downtime... and How to Avoid It

When equipment fails, it has a real cost involved that can include lost productivity, impact on safety and other operations, as well as monetary outlay for the repairs needed.


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Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of injury claims every year. Some ways to prevent them.

In an article in Reliable Plant Magazine, we’re reminded that around 25% of reported injury claims each fiscal year are from slips, trips and falls, resulting in more than 95 million lost work days per year.


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