Cord reel technology
Cord reel technology


Konnectronix's first cord reel design, created under the Telefonix name, was a retractable telephone cord called Handicord® that featured twenty-five (25) feet of retractable cable. The product was meant to replace the long, stretched out curly cord that most families had hanging from the wall in their kitchen in the 1980s. Prior to the Handicord, retractable cabling for low voltage power and data applications was either non-existent, had a very short life or was unreliable. With the introduction of the company’s brushless cord reel technology, the opportunities to manage cables in low voltage applications became a reality.


While the introduction of cordless telephones may have changed the marketability of the Handicord product itself, the quality and reliability of the cord reel designs created by our team have stood the test of time and with dozens of US and foreign patents issued to date, we likely have a solution that is right for you and your application.


Prior to 1998, low voltage power and data cord reels utilized the same wiping contact design that is prevalent in high-voltage applications. This design was problematic in environments that did not generate heat, as dirt would build up on the contacts or brushes and prevent retraction.  In applications where heat is generated, on the other hand, the dirt is burned off as the device is utilized allowing the cord reel to continue to function properly. To give you a simple example, think of your vacuum cleaner at home (assuming it indeed does have a retractable cable.) If you have not used your vacuum recently, it may be hard to retract your cable when you first begin to use the machine, but as you vacuum and generate heat and then go to stow the retractable cable, you will notice that it is moving smoothly – this is because the dust and dirt from storage has been burned away and the contacts/brushes inside are now properly helping the retraction.


At Konnectronix, we decided to take a different approach to retractable cabling. After nearly 5 years of design, experimentation and testing, our first brushless cord reel design was released at the time of the company’s official incorporation. In the years since, we have developed patented retraction systems and strain relief designs and proprietary assembly practices that allow for reliability in almost any application. Today, cord reel platforms of varying sizes (1”, 2.5”, 3.5”, and 5” platforms to name a few) are leveraged on low voltage power and data applications around the world in retail security, commercial electric vehicle charging, hospitals, hotels, and a host of telecom and data communications applications.


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Cord reel technology


For many years, Konnectronix evaluated the potential benefits of taking the company’s traditional brushless cord reel technology to the next level by developing an Electrical Cord Reel Platform for 120VAC applications. Among the benefits that the team foresaw was extended life and improved grounding properties.


In 2012, the team began the final stages of product development, and, today, the patented Konnectronix Electrical Cord Reel Platform is a reality. The company’s ECR 7 platform is a moisture and spark proof power cord reel solution, featuring up to fifteen (15) feet of retractable power cable in a 7x7” compact housing design. The product offers an uninterrupted signal transmission maintained by hard wire connections. By leveraging the company’s brushless cord reel design principals, the ECR7 maintains the same ground as the cable itself for the life of the unit, making it a reliable and robust solution for medical, automotive or industrial applications, just to name a few.


Konnectronix also utilizes this same cord reel design in its PowerPost® Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations, lending a unique feature to the company’s low voltage EV charging solutions.

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